Tristan Peschoux
Welcome to my Portfolio ! I am currently an outsource manager for Pretty Simple, working on Criminal case. Here are the games I have worked on as a Game designer or as a producer/associate producer
Project manager / Game designer 2016 - 2017 Curiosity is a narrative-exploration game where the player is cast as a robot, sent on the mysterious Planet 9 to study its surface and uncover its secrets. And after years of disappointing research, the robot finds himself on the verge of discovering something humanity hadn't foreseen. As a team of 7 students, we developed this game during 9 months as our fifth and final year project. On this project, I am managed the team, worked on the game design and focused on the narrative.
Minion Masters : Forced to Duel
Associate Producer 2016 Minion Masters: Forced to Duel is a freemium strategy video game developed and published by Betadwarf Entertainment. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. It is developed by Betadwarf Entertainment, a Danish company based in Copenhagen in which I did a 4 months internship. In Minion Masters, the player controls a Master and, through a deck he has built, must defeat the opponent’s Master by spawning units, buildings and using spells that damage the enemy Master. On this game, I worked on the production plan and balanced the various Commanders and cards. Check the website here !
Forced : Showdown
Associate Producer 2016 FORCED: Showdown is a top-down single-player bullet-hell brawler. The game revolves around Contestants fighting for wealth and glory in an ever-changing galactic game show. The gameplay mixes rogue-lite aspects with a trading-card game. It consists of selecting a champion, enhancing and empowering him and his abilities to battle through hordes of minions and dodging their attacks to survive. On this game, I worked on the production plan and did some QA. Check the website here !
Forced : Showdown The Drone Invasion
Associate Producer 2016 FORCED : Showdown - The Drone Invasion is a top-down single-player bullet-hell brawler. This is the first released DLC of FORCED : Showdown On this game, I worked on the production plan, did some QA and some balancing to cards and to the new character. Check the website here !
Spells of Genesis Game Designer / Level Designer 2015
Spells of Genesis is a Mobile game mixing the collection and strategic aspects of Trading Card games with the addictiveness of Arcade games. It is developed by the Swiss based company EverdreamSoft in which I did a 3 months internship. It is the first game based on the blockchain which will integrate Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline. In this game, the player possesses a deck of 4 cards which he will use to shoot on its opponents and defeat them. I created cards, designed some levels, did some storytelling, worked on the in-game economy and on the game’s crowdfunding. Check the website here !
Moonga Game Designer / Level Designer 2015
Moonga is a Multiplayer Mobile Trading Card Game developed by a Swiss based company EverdreamSoft in which I did a 3 months internship. Based on 5 cards the player needs to build his deck to defeat his opponents. Moonga cards are divided into two categories: attack spells and support spells. Attack spell cards are used to damage the opponent or to protect against damage. Support spell cards are used to cause various other effects. I designed new cards, balanced the game, did some community management and some storytelling. Check the website here !
pROJECT MANAGER 2016 Overwhelm is a 1v1 action tactical Tower offense game in which each players control the queen of an alien hive. They must kill their opponent’s Queen by spawning and sending swarm of units which will advance through different lanes. To help their units, the players will be able to mutate their units by earning experience. These mutations will allow the player to specialize his gameplay according to his will. On this project, I managed the team of 24 students (game designers, game artists and programmers).
Robot Smasher
Project manager / Game Designer 2015
This is a Multiplayer Idle Free-to-play game developed by a group of 12 students in 2 weeks. In this game, the player must build his own robot and send him to fight other robots in an arena. Each item will give different attributes. I managed the team, designed the game and its economic model.
My Little Avenger
Game Designer 2014 This is a Puzzle game made in 2 weeks by a team of 10 Supinfogame's students for Gameloft. We had to do a puzzle Free-to-Play game on the licenses My Little Pony and The Avengers. In this game, the player must switch his ponies in order for them to collect its associated object (every object has a color similar to its pony). Missing an object means a game over. The player must succeed in collecting every object until the end of the level. Each pony has an Avenger power which can come in handy. I designed the in-game characters powers, worked on the level designand established the game’s launch strategy on the market.
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